Lab 3: Animated GIFS


Reaction GIF

My Reaction Counter-GIF:


What we see in reaction GIFs are clips of people, animals, or cartoon characters showing an emotional expression.  They may be  jumping up and down, crying, or clapping with their mouth open. But a clip of a random woman walking with her back to the camera shows no explicit reaction at all, and is the perfect example of a counter-GIF. We really don’t know how she is feeling just by seeing the back of the person.  We can only see genuine reactions well by looking at the person’s facial expression. The girl could be excited about getting away from a place she did not like, or she could be upset that she was recently dumped by her boyfriend. This clip can evoke emotions on the broadest range, thus this contradicts what we see in most reaction GIFS.

Sports GIF


My Sports Counter-GIF

The job of a sports GIF is either to share an incredible play or laugh about an epic fail that happened in a game. However, many more moments in games are not amazing plays nor are they “so awful it’s funny” instances. So, a counter-GIF of the most average sporting performance in a game is the complete opposite of what people choose to share, just because it happens all the time and is not out of the ordinary. An example of a pitcher throwing to first base to unsuccessfully pick off a runner happens many times in a baseball game, and is  known for being very uneventful, which opposes what we usually see in popular sports GIFs.

Fandom GIF

My Fandom Counter-GIF

The Fandom GIF uses the power of popular culture to highlight scenes in (mostly) movies with a large cult following. Only the very best scenes from the movie are chosen. Normally, they are the ones that are either the most memorable or comical and “stick with” the fans, thus fitting the “fandom” name, like the above scene in Star Wars. But what about the other scenes in movies  that fans do not commit to memory? These, boring, average scenes would be  examples of  Fandom counter-GIFs. Take a clip from Alfred Hitchcock’s famous flick The Birds. Search the film on a site like Giphy and you will see clips of the most famous scenes, like the mass of people running away from the flock of birds. But the few seconds of the schoolteacher walking away from the building to the bench was clipped “in between” more important scenes and was not at all memorable, which makes those few seconds a prime counter-GIF.


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