Fighting Crime with New Technology

Remember the days when it was considerably easy to get away with crime in cities? Well, nobody alive does, because the advent of the simple thing we call electricity. As the reading tells us, phonographs, telegraphs, and early electric gizmos started the crime busting technology launch in the late 1800s. For example, the city of Baltimore created 170 call boxes in order for policemen to call back into headquarters to share valuable info. Burglary alarms were being put into place, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art even used new technology to guard their prized artwork. The city of London was able to connect with the Parliament, police, and fire departments, and some workplaces used electricity to monitor a worker’s night shift. For the time, these technologies were amazing and set the table for what we have today, but we are nowhere near done. I do believe that the early improvements all the way back from electricity will eventually evolve to the super-technologies that were present in the novel and film The Circle.

A scene shows a worker for this massive world-dominating corporation presenting a camera that can be placed anywhere around the world to take continuous video to be viewable by a vast audience. If this ever comes a reality, it would dispel crime at the highest level. The issue of privacy would be incredibly in question, but the many wrongdoings it would stop might be a final solution to the problems that have been faced since the beginning of civilization. Can you imagine all of the crime that would occur daily if it was so probable that individuals would “get away with it” ? I don’t think we’ll ever go back there again.

Sources:, “When Old Technologies Were New- Community and Class Order by Carolyn Marvin

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